Side Hustles

Judicia Strategies

I created Judicia in response to needs identified in the judicial sector for the modernization of court strategies, communications, and content creation. I’ve had insightful experiences with three levels of courts in Alberta and see the need for better in other jurisdictions.

Blackfrost Images

Blackfrost is a long-term photography project where I am exploring winter in upper Kananaskis in Alberta west of Calgary. The snow, weather, light and conditions are continually shaping the land. So, far this is 10 years of shooting. Of course, every winter brings something new and that’s what makes this a remarkable project.

Cressman Photographics

This is my main photography practice. From shooting official justice portraits for Alberta Court of King’s Bench to taking on many types of commercial projects and personal work, it’s a passion. Photography both commercial and personal pulls me from my strategic being and restores me. It makes my strategic and creative being better.