In 2020 I was approached by Levelling Up, an innovative online art mentorship community in search of help to rebrand and differentiate the company in a competitive online arts education sector. I took this on as a pro bono project because I believe in the power of the arts in its ability to transform people, culture and society. It was no small task but I enjoyed working with the Levelling Up team to reposition the company and to help them evolve their offering and story.


  • Project management
  • Brand definition, strategy and articulation
  • Creative direction and graphic design
  • Educational advisor
  • Brand launch video and post


Mastrius launched in 2022 and has since experienced massive growth in its complement of master artist mentors and community of artists. Mastrius is TOP 5 in the Startup TNT Calgary Investment Summit. Mastrius now has over 220 mentors, has conducted over 2,100 training sessions and is active in 34 countries.