Indigenous Consultation

Through teaching at Alberta University of the Arts and being a mentor to Indigenous students in the areas of graphic design, advertising, illustration, animation and photography, I came to deeply understand and appreciate what reconciliation means when you take action. That experience and talking with elders and knowledge keepers moved me to look at my strategic and creative practice to activate change for the benefit of my clients and their education on Indigenous world views and the deep insight they benefit from when they listen and act.

Court of King’s Bench of Alberta

I am currently rebranding the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta. As an important part of the process, I consulted with Bigstone Cree Nation, Kainai Nation and Metis Nation of Alberta elders and knowledge keepers about the new logo (name, symbolism, colour, and more) and a new visual story for the court. My time with Indigenous leaders was valuable and has enabled me to understand and appreciate Indigenous ways of knowing and how we can all benefit from a listening before acting.

Alberta Health Quality CouncilĀ 

This work is ongoing but part of the process before this rebrand project was to meet with Indigenous elders to understand the spectrum and complexities of healthcare in Alberta and learn how we might approach a rebrand. The knowledge receive was a source of inspiration in my approach.

Together with my experience at AUArts, these clients have enabled me to develop my knowledge of Indigenous way of knowing and to begin to understand Indigenous culture in ways that can inform corporate brand, marketing and communications not to accommodate Indigenous views but to activate Indigenous knowledge into practice and project outcomes. It’s a journey and I have a long way to go. Thanks to the nations, elders and knowledge keepers who have share their time with me.