100 Stories Brainstorming Technique

To sell an idea or bring people around on an issue, first, you have to enter their mind. That’s called mindshare. Stories are the most effective way to create mindshare and they have the most potential of meaningfully connecting with people. The more visual stories are, the better since humans process visuals up to 65,000 times faster (IBM) than text alone. How do you build your base narrative? Where do great stories come from? How do you generate high-quality content on an ongoing basis?

That’s where 100 Stories comes in. We help organizations reach deep inside, open up, identify and express the ideas that become the stories that enable greater engagement. 100 Stories is about you and how the world perceives your business. Authentic stories that build trust, shape beliefs and build a following along the way. Once in motion, we develop and share those stories where your audience is and how they want to experience it. 100 Stories transforms people, and businesses and gets people on the same page.

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