Strategy + Approach

My approach begins before you ever engage me. Start by asking yourself several questions:


How are you purpose-led?

The opposite of purpose-driven, purpose-led is about vision, leadership and guidance toward your goals. We get that drive is important but telling your people to follow you never works. Inviting them to join you on the journey cuts deeper to invest in their potential and value systems.


How do you create a sustaining impact with employees, shareholders, customers and the public? Your company should be more than products and services. What values do you share with audiences and why do you matter in the big picture?


Every person is distinctive in ways that they communicate, shape their persona and present themselves. Companies should consider the same mechanics when differentiating themselves from competitors. You are unique, you think differently, you have a point of view and a personality. Increasingly people are seeking something different. What about you helps distance your company from a highly competitive space and into a new place in people’s minds?


Different than authentic, genuine is sincere, real and accessible. It’s not copied, it’s one of a kind and original. How is your company genuine in the way it deals with audiences? From leadership, to front-line employees to customer and prospect experiences, how do you shape your company persona and how do you build trust and integrity?


Products don’t sell products and digital technology doesn’t either. Those are things and channels. We believe that products are for people. It’s the only reason they are created. From downhole packers to avacodo toast it all ends up serving humanity. Products are results of what should be greater human-involved thinking and processes.


People gain comfort from others who are consistent in their values, relations and the promises they keep. Companies are no different. How you act and conduct your business can go a long way to increasing familiarity, trust and loyalty.


Wouldn’t it be great if companies make us happy, laugh, cry or get angry. There are brands that do this well but for many companies business is presented rather emotionlessly on the web, in social media and in person. You are trying to impact people and the emotive content can be subtle but it needs to help people feel something that in-turn helps them make the decisions you want them to while feeling aligned with your messages.


If this spurs up some questions of your own, that’s a good thing.

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