Team Discovery + Creativity

I problem-solve using different types of facilitation processes developed as a result of extensive experience in higher education, public relations, marketing communications and communication design. My workshops are creative, highly collaborative and bring people together to generate team energy, ideas and insights that fuel strategic planning, team building and complex problem solving.


This facilitated workshop moves participants beyond the what and how of your organization to explore the deeper connections with why and why others should be drawn to you and engage.

100 Stories

These facilitated two hour workshops are fun, interactive and draw from all levels of your organization to reveal the stories that make you unique. Sessions work best with eight to fifteen participants. If you are a large organization multiple sessions work best.


Times change, people change and your business should change too. My Business Modelling workshops help your company understand its potential to respond to the forces impacting it, reframe the opportunity and adapt new strategies toward positive change.


Times change and with that brands should evolve over time. This discovery and definitions workshop will enable your company to explore and define its position, develop internal beliefs and cultural shift and attract, engage and sustain external audiences.

Creativity workshops

I offer a range of workshops that are also great team builders. Workshops can run from two to five hours and be customized to the needs of your team. Creativity workshops get people working with their hands, pushing their imaginations and it’s fun.