Why Workshop


WHY needs to underpin brand and business strategy. It is the basis of new strategies for humanizing your company in the minds of others. It also needs to come before what and how. It’s the foundation of your brand story.

Many organizations focus on What they do well and How they do it—that’s a standard approach. The problem is that it doesn’t inspire or change people’s behavior. I help businesses discover their Why—their purpose and reason for being—which is harder to define. Why creates believers, increases followers, and builds loyalty because your story aligns with something people connect with.

While the logical realities of business are critical, it’s people and their emotional engagement that can change everything. It starts with Why.

Digital Age, Out—Age of Why, In

The Digital Age was a time of revolutionary techological advance and the advent of the smart devices, the Internet and social media. It was a time of trial and error and tactical advances that marketing and communications industries experimented and learned from. It didn’t however solve the problems of how to create and sustain deep and committed brand love. The business world is now aware that something big is missing and as a result we are now ushering in the Age of Why, an era of humanized business and products and truly understanding what it will take to emotionally, positively and lastingly connect with others.


The Why Workshop

Our Why workshop explores your company, your people, your customers and the influencing environment surrounding you to reveal what is truly at your core and your reason for being. It surfaces opportunities to connect meaningfully with others. It fuels how you will connect with others and why they should care.

Before branding, before connecting with audiences, before you engage others, you need to first understand who you are now, what got you to the present and how you will transform others and turn them toward you. At the heart of the opportunity is understanding WHY and how gain mindshare to occupy space that enables positive associations with your company, your people and your offerings.

The sessions

Regardless of the size of your organization, I work with you collaboratively to gain an understanding of your potential. This comes in the form of interviews, group thinks and sessions that dig into your company, belief systems and culture. This discovery process enables us to establish a starting point that can then prime real planned action that rallies support internally and externally through a more planned and sustainable approach.