Experience with great organizations

About Expericent

Scott Cressman founded Expericent Strategies to work with organizations and explore how they can connect in news ways with a focus on internal capacity building and developing shared value with customers in better ways.

Experience is central to human connection. The preferences and choices people make and ultimately the beliefs and behaviors shaped with them directly impacts brand reputation. Expericent considers the many capacities people have to care about and embrace your organization and we work to enable connected experiences internally and externally that lead to better productivity and brand performance.

Recent speaking engagements

  • Creative Mornings – Wonder, 2019
  • National Energy Board of Canada, 2019
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 2018
  • International Association of Design Research Societies (IADRS) 2017: Presentation of Research Paper: Applying Design Thinking for Business Model Innovation for Nonprofit Organizations, Cincinnati
  • CICan Conference 2017: How Design Thinking Succeeds, Ottawa
  • Bell Media: The Power of Visual Communications, Bell Centre, Calgary, 2017
  • ATB Business Innovators Series, 2017
  • Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD): Case Study on Public Design, Sarasota, 2017